Our Bites

Snack bites, energy bites, protein bites... Yomi Bites are what YOU make them.

The 4 base ingredients in all of our bites are gluten free certified oats, honey, nuts and organic golden ground flax seed

Fueling your life with real food never tasted so good.

No Gluten, Dairy, or Soy. Ever.

Snack Bold, Live Bold.

Kelly Young x #TeamYomi

Meet Kelly Young, our first Team Yomi member to be highlighted in February. Kelly is a professional trail runner who voluntarily runs races that are 50-100 miles...yes voluntarily. Read our custom Q&A with Kelly about all things running, self care, strange superstitions and living a balanced lifestyle. #TeamYomi

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The Origin of Yomi Bites

The Bites Origin The first Yomi Bites were born of culinary desperation while co-founder Emily was a senior in college. Emily was a Division-1 coll...

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