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  • Garrett Yrigoyen x #TeamYomi

    Garrett Yrigoyen x #TeamYomi

    Garrett Yrigoyen Professional Adventurer & Winner of the Bachelorette - #TeamYomi ambassador What is your full name, age and where are you from?  Garrett Yrigoyen, 30 from Manteca, CA After winning season 14 of ABC's The Bachelorette, you've been on-the-go doing appearances, shows, and projects. Do you find it hard to stay in a routine while on the road?  It's extremely hard to stay in a routine while on the road. I always try to get between 7-8hrs of sleep, or time in bed to allow my body to relax and recover. I try to balance healthy food options, exercise, and sleep,...

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  • Allen Wang x #TeamYomi

    Allen Wang x #TeamYomi

    Allen Wang Collegiate Table Tennis Player - #TeamYomi ambassador What is your full name, age and where are you from? Allen Wang, 21, Sewell, NJ What sparked your interest in table tennis at a young age? I was first introduced to table tennis when I was 6 years old. My dad played recreationally and would always bring me with him to the table tennis center on weekends. I enjoyed watching people play and before long, I picked up a paddle and began to swinging it around myself. I could barely see above the table at that age so my dad bought me...

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  • Kelly Young x #TeamYomi

    Kelly Young x #TeamYomi

    Meet Kelly Young, our first Team Yomi member to be highlighted in February. Kelly is a professional trail runner who voluntarily runs races that are 50-100 miles...yes voluntarily. Read our custom Q&A with Kelly about all things running, self care, strange superstitions and living a balanced lifestyle. #TeamYomi

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  • The Origin of Yomi Bites

    The Origin of Yomi Bites

    The Bites Origin The first Yomi Bites were born of culinary desperation while co-founder Emily was a senior in college. Emily was a Division-1 collegiate athlete who was always on the go and could never find a healthy snack to fuel her active life. Hungry, with no oven in her cramped dorm and surrounded by unhealthy pre-packages options, Emily made the first batch of what would eventually become Yomi Bites. Although the bites have since evolved the essence of the first batch remain; clean all natural bites that provide energy to the on the go snacker.  The Company’s Origin After...

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  • Let's Talk Carbs

    Let's Talk Carbs

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    Good Carbs Vs. Bad Carbs     When it comes to nutrition, carbohydrates are the resident bad boy. Everywhere they go they bring controversy. Some people swear by them; others claim they’re the food of the devil. Like most complicated questions the full answer is somewhere in the middle: the right carbs from the right sources. Let’s explore more.  What are Carbohydrates?      A carbohydrate is a biomolecule consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms typically with a 2:1 hydrogen-oxygen atom ratio. In other words? Carbs are just sugars, starches and fibers found in our food. They provide us with much-needed energy— and...

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  • What Are Yomi Bites?

    What Are Yomi Bites?

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    Yomi Bites are designed as the ultimate on-the-go snack. Made with all natural ingredients, Yomi Bites provide the ultimate concoction of natural fats, carbohydrates, and protein while remaining superiorly indulgent, equal parts nutritious and delicious. Yomi Bites come in conveniently sized bags each with three bites. Three “bites” is considered an ideal serving size, and with the support of the bag, it makes it easy to consume on the go. Nutritious. Delicious. And easy to consume on the go. Yomi Bites are designed for the on the go healthy eater.  What is in a Yomi Bite?  Yomi Bites launched with...

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