The Origin of Yomi Bites

The Origin of Yomi Bites

The Bites Origin

The first Yomi Bites were born of culinary desperation while co-founder Emily was a senior in college. Emily was a Division-1 collegiate athlete who was always on the go and could never find a healthy snack to fuel her active life. Hungry, with no oven in her cramped dorm and surrounded by unhealthy pre-packages options, Emily made the first batch of what would eventually become Yomi Bites. Although the bites have since evolved the essence of the first batch remain; clean all natural bites that provide energy to the on the go snacker.

 The Company’s Origin

After graduating college, Emily continued her pursuit of healthy living by becoming a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. Emily’s clients frequently asked for healthy snack options. Their lives were busy and hectic, but when it came to current on-the-go snack options Emily kept hearing the same two complaints:

  1. They couldn’t understand the ingredient statements (“what in the world is glycerin!?”)
  2. Bars were boring and tasted “chalky”

Wanting to help her clients, Emily began to consider bringing her old dorm room creations to the world. Emily never stopped making bites and had by this point refined the recipe. She started collecting feedback from friends, colleagues, and family. The reviews were in, and everyone’s taste buds could agree these were delicious. Adding to that, the fact that they were all natural and healthy wasn’t the cherry on top of the sundae; no that would not be enough. It was more like getting two sundaes at once that were both delicious and nutritious.

Emily was excited by the positive feedback, but something was missing. She had no experience in the food industry and did not know how to start a food company. Luckily she found some help nearby.

Keep it in the Family.

Emily approached her cousin Brooke who had spent years as a buyer for a food company in their organics division. It only took one bite, and Brooke was sold. With Emily’s bites and background in nutrition, and Brooke’s industry know-all; together they set out to give the world a health food that was equal parts nutritious and delicious.

 The Name Origin

When it came to naming the bites, Emily thought of her two biggest culinary inspirations; her two grandmothers. Emily’s grandmothers were each Italian, and they had always stressed the importance of big home-cooked family meals where everyone shared food. Their names were Grandma Yo and Grandma Omi. In honor of their talents and with the idea of trying to spread her food to as many mouths as possible Emily named the bites Yomi Bites. 

Today Yomi Bites come in three flavors. Try one, or get all four with a variety pack and discover how Yomi is the new yummy.

Written By: Duncan McNabb

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