What Are Yomi Bites?

What Are Yomi Bites?

Yomi Bites are designed as the ultimate on-the-go snack. Made with all natural ingredients, Yomi Bites provide the ultimate concoction of natural fats, carbohydrates, and protein while remaining superiorly indulgent, equal parts nutritious and delicious.

Yomi Bites come in conveniently sized bags each with three bites. Three “bites” is considered an ideal serving size, and with the support of the bag, it makes it easy to consume on the go.

Nutritious. Delicious. And easy to consume on the go. Yomi Bites are designed for the on the go healthy eater. 

What is in a Yomi Bite? 

Yomi Bites launched with three core flavors; Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppy, and Chocolate Sea-Salt.

With Yomi Bites, the philosophy of food is simple: less is more. The more preservatives and refined sugars the less nutritional value there is. That is why at Yomi Bites we keep all our ingredients natural and simple:  

Cashews (or peanuts) + Almonds + Oats + Honey + Flax = Yomi 

That’s it! Here is a list of a few food items Yomi Bites do not include. 

•    No gluten 

•    No Soy 

•    No Dairy 

•    No refined sugar 

•    No artificial flavors 

The list could go on, but who has the time? That’s why Yomi Bites are perfect for the on the go shopper. 

What is the Nutritional Value of a Yomi Bite? 

The bites were originally designed with athletes in mind. With each pack of three, the goal is to deliver high natural carbs, high natural fats, and high naturally sourced protein. 

Note that as all the fat and the carbohydrates come from natural sources and not processed or refined ones, so they have much more nutritional value. 

Try them for yourself! 

Enough reading! Go ahead and try them for yourself. Pick a flavor or order a variety pack today. And stay tuned for more information on Yomi Bites here.

Written by: Duncan McNabb

  • Susan Nowrouzi says...

    I am an outpatient dietitian and I am interested in your products, can you send me some samples?

    On Nov 08, 2018

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