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Our Story

How Our Bites Were Born

Yomi Bites were created in 2014 in my college dorm room at Rider University, while I was living out my dream of playing collegiate basketball. I found it challenging to find a nutrition bar that was just made of (this might sound silly) real food. So I played around with some nuts, oats, honey and flax to create little bites that I could take with me throughout my busy days of practice and class. 

Fast forward to my time out of school and working as a personal trainer in Philadelphia. My on-the-go lifestyle never stopped, and neither did my bite making. Clients, co-workers and family agreed that these little bites were unique in their our delicious way. Enter in Co-Founder Brooke. With years of experience as an organics buyer for a major grocery store chain, Brooke knew Yomi’s had a place in people’s home to not only fuel the on-the-go snacker, but could satisfy every member of your family. 

How Our Bites Have Grown

The recipe from my college dorm room has evolved and has been perfected. We are constantly developing new flavors to deliver whole food snacking in it’s most delicious form. We have optimized our ingredients to ensure Yomi Bites are free of gluten, soy and dairy. With a taste and consistency so satisfying, you will question how these snack bites are actually good for you! 

“Yummy Bites!”…”It’s Yo-mi.”

What does Yomi stand for? Brooke and I shared an old-school Italian grandmother named “Grandma Yo”. Before you ask- yes, she had world famous chocolate chip cookies and the BEST ziti and meatballs. I also have a grandmother whom I call “Omi”. Omi holds a special place in my heart, for she is my inspiration for living a healthy, fun-filled lifestyle. So, the name Yomi is a tribute to both of these amazing women.