Our Story

How Our Bites Were Born

Yomi Bites were created in cousin Emily’s college dorm room to fuel her on-the-go lifestyle as a collegiate basketball player. Fast forward a couple years…Emily’s on-the-go lifestyle never stopped, and neither did her bite making. Working as a personal trainer in Philadelphia, her clients, co-workers and family agreed that these little bites were unique in their own delicious way. 

On Thanksgiving of 2017, Emily was discussing these bites with her cousin and soon-to-be co-founder, Brooke. With years of experience as an organics buyer for a major grocery store chain, Brooke knew Yomi Bites had serious potential and the wheels started turning. With Emily’s passion and creativity combined with Brooke’s career experience and industry knowledge, it was a match made in heaven.

How Our Bites Have Grown

Since leaving her college dorm room, the recipe has been perfected. They have integrated high quality, responsibly sourced ingredients into the product line to ensure optimal health benefits. In a world full of processed snacks, our founders were determined to create a brand that is both transparent about its ingredients, while being unapologetically delicious. The last piece to the puzzle was being able to deliver a product that was convenient for the on-the-go snacker. Yomi Bites were born. The city of Philadelphia has been snacking on Yomis for the past few months and now it is time to share them with you!

Co-Founders Brooke Hohman (left) and Emily Fazzini (right)

“Yummy Bites!”…”It’s Yo-Mi”

What does Yomi stand for? Emily and Brooke shared an old-school, Italian grandmother named “Grandma Yo”. Before you ask...yes, she had world-famous chocolate chip cookies and the BEST ziti and meatballs. Emily’s other Italian grandmother, Barbara, goes by the name “Omi” to all of her grandchildren. Omi holds a special place in their heart, for she is an inspiration to live a healthy, fun-filled lifestyle. The name Yomi is a tribute to both of these amazing women.